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A wall to wall installation allows you to create a visually uninterrupted platform for your decor scheme.

From an Olympic visitors centre, to an allergists surgery, to home nurseries, rumpus rooms, restaurants, dining rooms and boardrooms .... we have covered them all. Our highly experienced team know how to set out your installation so that it will look its best. Rest assured, we don't cut corners.



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A Of course! Click the "browse wall-to-wall-range" button above, then use our selectors to add the products you like best to the "Your Favourites" box. When you've finished, just enter your email address, and we will contact you by email to arrange the samples! It's that easy.
A Given your floor plans we can quote for and supply all materials needed for installation. We can also put you in contact with the best installers who can give you a quote for their labour. We are happy to provide on-site measures and inspections in the Sydney Metro area. Visit our contacts page to get in touch with us!
A We do not employ carpet installers; carpet installers are self-employed tradesmen. But we can put you in touch with the best installers in the business, experts in woven natural floor coverings. Over four decades we have built an unrivalled reputation for quality and service. We don't cut corners. These high standards extend to the installers we choose to recommend to our clients. They don't cut corners either.
A All the extras necessary for a long-lasting and good-looking installation: high quality underlays, glues, heavy-duty smoothedge batons and trims, stain protection treatment. We know which products work best with our products, and by buying in bulk we ensure the best prices.
A Our woven floor coverings come 4 metres wide, so all installations are charged on a 4 metre width. This means if your area is, say, 3 m x 2.5 m, you will need a piece 4 m x 2.5 m to cover it. When installing across multiple rooms, our team will work out the best way to lay the floor covering so as to minimize joins and make the best use of the smallest amount of material.

For a normal domestic installation of 2 or more rooms, on a bare floor with no furniture, allow about $ per square metre for installation costs including smoothedge, underlay, staingard, and labour. For more information or an estimate on your area, please call us with your measurements .
A There are three methods of installation.

Method 1. Over wool-blend underfelt and secured using heavy duty pre-pinned battens.

Method 2. Directly sticking to the subfloor. No underfelt is needed. This method makes for a very stable installation.

Method 3. Directly gluing a dense rubber underlay to the subfloor and then gluing the floor covering to the underlay. Commonly called a "dual bond" installation, this method gives the stability of Method 2 together with the cushioned foot-feel of rubber. Highly recommended.

A Most installations of our floor coverings are done over heavy-duty wool-blend underfelt. Sometimes heavy-duty rubber underlays are used in in "direct-stick" installations for high traffic and commercial spaces.
A We recommend the use of Maxim Advanced Protector stainguard, which costs $ per square metre (and is included in our $ per sqm install cost estimate). Some of our sisals have already been treated during the weaving process, and do not need a new application before installation. Our staff can discuss with you your individual requirements.
A YES. Woven floor coverings are perfect for stairs because they are so hard-wearing. There are various options for installing onto stair-cases such as wrap-arounds for floating steps, or a runner with bound edges running down the centre of polished wood stairs. Our staff can put you in touch with the best installers for stairs and stair runners.
A This is an extra that people request frequently. Just discuss this with your installer when he quotes for the job.
A That's fine too! Send us the dimensions of the runs you would like cut and we will ship them to you. Woven floor coverings are more difficult to install than conventional carpets and care must be taken to stretch them evenly. Your installer can contact us directly for advice.
A Our recommended installers may travel outside of Sydney for large jobs, or you can engage your own installer and we can ship the material to you.